Workplace Violence Seminar Offered At Oklahoma City Community College

by Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys

Employers have a responsibility to protect employees from workplace dangers, including acts of violence. This is important, considering the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports nine percent of all workplace fatalities that occurred in 2013 were the result of homicide.

So what’s being done to better protect the citizens of Oklahoma from workplace violence? The Oklahoma City workers’ compensation lawyers from Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys point out there is an upcoming seminar that aims to give employees an understanding of what actions to take when there is an active shooter on a job site.

According to an article from the Edmond Sun, the seminar is being put on by Oklahoma City Community College’s Professional Development Institute and will take place February 11-13 and again on March 11-13. Topics that will be covered will include being aware of your surroundings and situation at all times, knowing others in your workplace, how to have a survivalist mentality, creating a plan of action, and the role of law enforcement in violent workplace scenarios.

The course will be instructed by a retired law enforcement officer who is also safety certified.

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, we know the importance of workplace safety and preventing violence and our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers encourage anyone who is concerned about on-the-job safety to consider attending this upcoming event.