Truck Accident Resources

At Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys, it’s our mission to offer truck accident victims the assistance they need overcome their injuries and move on with their lives. Our firm’s team of Oklahoma truck accident attorneys compiled this list of organizations and programs that can help you through the difficult time after a trucking accident.

National Truck Accident Information

Oklahoma Truck Safety Information

  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation
    Get updates on traffic advisories, learn more about commercial carrier licensing, or file complaints against Oklahoma motor carriers or trucking companies.
  • Oklahoma Division of Public Safety
    Find the latest, weather-related road conditions, get information about different kinds of licenses, and learn more about driver’s license compliance.

Get Answers. Get Colbert!

Learning everything you can about trucking regulations and your legal rights is a good first step in taking back control of your life after a truck accident. But having an experienced truck accident attorney on your side can give you peace of mind and help ensure you get the most money possible as quickly as possible.

Our Oklahoma truck accident attorneys understand national and state trucking regulations, and know what it takes to make successful claims against trucking companies and their insurance providers. And because we believe your income shouldn’t affect your ability to get quality legal representation, we operate on a contingency fee basis. So call us at (877) 579-6800 or contact us online to get a free initial consultation today.